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  1. I am finishing a bracelet for one of your students Susan who had macular degeneration. Supplies and patterns were bought at your store. Pattern is called The butterfly Wrap. Whoever helped her did not sell her enough peanut beads to do the triple wrap. I don’t even have enough to do two wraps. They look like the are nickel peanuts. Susan did not save the tube so I don’t have exact name or number. Thanks Mary Doner

    • Hi Mary and thank you for your comments. I apologize that there were not enough beads to do the wrap for your friend. Perhaps the person selling the beads to her didn’t realize what size she actually wanted. I will happily send you or Susan the extra Peanut Beads needed to complete the bracelet the size needed. Please email me your name and address and I will mail you the extra beads on Monday free of charge for the misunderstanding. Again apologies to you and your friend.

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