1. You must be prepared for class.  You must have all of your supplies purchased prior to class.  Class starts promptly at the time it is scheduled for.  Be courteous of other beaders.


  1. Please silence your cell phones OR if you must keep it on, and you receive a call, please excuse yourself from the table.


  1. All classes must be paid for in advance.


  1. Please give us 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a class. This allows us time to let the teacher know so she can adjust her time and the amount of copies needed for the class.


  1. If you cancel a class, the class amount will be rolled over to another class or you may have a store credit. There will be no cash back on cancelled classes unless we are the ones who cancel the class.


  1. Be kind to the teacher. If you feel you can jump ahead of the class, that’s ok, but try not to interrupt her while she is showing someone else what to do.  She is there for all of you, but if someone is working at a slower pace, then let the teacher take care of that beader first.


  1. Off Schedule or Private Classes will have an additional charge of $10.00 (ex:  $45 Class will be a $55 Class).


  1. If you have trouble with a class, the teach WILL set aside another date and time to work with you to finish your project free of charge. We never want anyone to have an unfinished project.


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