Great Run – Thanks to All of our Beading Family Friends!


On March 1st, I handed over the keys from our store to the next tenants. It has been quite a ride. We have had so many memories (too many to put in here). We started out at 3241 Route 88 when we had to set up extra tables for Friday night beading and classes. We started meeting fabulous instructors and we had the best classes and best instructors, some of which have become great friends.

Some of the highlights (and I’m sure I forgot some)!

Christmas Parties

Halloween Parties

Fundraisers for Popcorn Zoo and Toys for Tots

Dog Visits

Perpetual Food Drives

Smile Train

Cookie Exchange

Glass Table Signing

Classes with Wine

Girls Scouts

Bachelorette Parties

Bunko Beading

Going to Senior Villages

Companies coming in to learn

Joining Bead Societies and having several rendezvous with each of them!

Bead Hop

Ornament Day

Beaded Easter Eggs

Learning Peyote Boxes

EZ Loom

Friday Night Ice Cream

Baby Shower

Kits, kits and more kits

Coffee, cakes, cookies, pizza

And most importantly, Community,

Comradery, Sisterhood, & Friendships.

We have been there for each other through thick and thin!


Thank you all for everything and all of the above. It has been a fabulous journey ❤️💐😃😢🥂🤗😘❤️

If you can recall something I forgot,

Please post it in the comments so we have these memories forever!

Special Announcement


Super EXCITING news!!!!

As you know, our last day here at the store is 2/28. As of today 1/19, You will no longer be able to purchase supplies from us.

I was hoping and praying that someone would buy the bulk of our beautiful beads and last night my prayers were answered.

The new proud owner is @Lisa Applegate of Studio 36 located in Pottstown, PA.

I know Lisa will love these beads as much as we do and she will take great care of our precious babies.