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Online Store Now Operational!


OMG it is finally done!!!! I’m sure you figured out that there was NO arguing between Charlie and I while setting this up…NOPE 😂.

So far we have 7 categories to buy from.
3 different kits, 2 style clasps, fireline, and tulip needles!
I hope this goes well and I am sure you will let me know if it doesn’t.
Please email me at: if you need anything that that’s currently not in the store. So here goes:

  • Go to Online store
  • Tap on Astonishing Online Store
  • Tap on the link in RED
  • Tap on the photo of what you would like to see and purchase.
    And take it from there.

I am currently limiting my trips to the post office to once a week. The exposure is too great to go back and forth too often.

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Setting Up Home Office/Bead Store


I thought that I would start a video trail of me transforming my hardly ever used dining room into a home office/bead store. I would have put myself in the video but I haven’t gotten out of my pjs since Thursday. Today I dust myself off and start a different form of bead store.
I will be going to and from the store several times this weekend to bring items home so I can hopefully get them to you.
Here is my very first amateur video! I hope my ineptness brings some laughter to this day.
You can message me or email me at for any items you need me to pick up from the store and I will try to get them to you as quickly as possible (before NJ becomes the next state to close). By the way, who said Bead Stores are non-essential? HUH!!!!
Shower first,

Temporary Closing Store – Bead Supplies, Kits Still Available!


My Beading Family,

With a sad heart I’m letting you all that we will be closed starting tomorrow 3/20 until it is safe to reopen the doors to all my favorite ladies. As sad as this is, I know this is the right decision for everyone’s well being.
In a couple of days, I will be posting kits on my online store and on Facebook for purchase!
Also, if you need anything, I will be able to mail it to you as I will be going back and forth to the store to catch up on long overdue work.
If you have any questions or wants, please email me at:
Please Please be safe, stay in and keep the faith that we will all be ok and survive this awful virus.

I will miss you all 💔

Store Update

Due to the current state of health events and the possibility that you will be home for the next two weeks, we would like to offer a 20% discount on almost all items this week from 3/17 to 3/22 so that you can stock up and stay home to bead.
If you need items mailed to you, you will get a 10% discount and free shipping.
All you have to do is email me at with your order.   We will check our stock and call you to tell you what we have available and how much it will be.   The next day I will head to the post office and mail your package (as long as the post office remains open).
The reason I would want an email from you is so we do not mishear what you are asking for and can print your email for verification.
If you want to place an order but do not want to come into the store, you can email me your order at the above email address.  We can get your items together and call when your order is ready so you can pay by phone.   You can then drive to the store and we can bring your order out to you.
This offer is on a day-to-day basis depending on voluntary and/or mandatory closing.  So go through your patterns, make a list, and pick up what you need.   Keep in mind our supply shipments may be delayed.
We will keep you informed of the upcoming classes and the bead rendezvous status.