Temporary Closing Store – Bead Supplies, Kits Still Available!


My Beading Family,

With a sad heart I’m letting you all that we will be closed starting tomorrow 3/20 until it is safe to reopen the doors to all my favorite ladies. As sad as this is, I know this is the right decision for everyone’s well being.
In a couple of days, I will be posting kits on my online store and on Facebook for purchase!
Also, if you need anything, I will be able to mail it to you as I will be going back and forth to the store to catch up on long overdue work.
If you have any questions or wants, please email me at: lucysbeadboutique@comcast.net.
Please Please be safe, stay in and keep the faith that we will all be ok and survive this awful virus.

I will miss you all 💔

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